Privacy Policy

For tour involving train journey, seats to be booked 120 days prior to departure.

Tour timing and itinerary are subject to change. Consequently it may be revised at any time during the tour, with or without notice depending on the exigencies of occasion.

Bus will be arranged according to the size of the group and passengers will be informed before departure.

  • We reserve the right to change, alter or cancel any tour for the reason beyond control of the management.
  • Flight and Train tickets are booked according to the name and age given by the passenger at the time of booking.
  • Management is not responsible if you cannot produce the ID Proof.
  • Passengers travelling by flight are requested to join the group as scheduled on the commencement day. In case of delay you are requested to join the group at the next destination at your own cost.
  • Sanctioning of LTC/LFC will be the whole discretion of the institution you claim.
  • All the fares mentioned are subject to change without notice.
  • Departure dates mentioned are subjectto change without notice.
  • Persons travelling with major health ailments are requested to inform the office before booking and are suggested to bring an escort along with them during the tour.
  • The final confirmation of the schedule tour will be given only one month prior to the departure.
  • For all Train Travel, Sleeper class tickets will be booked.